Google Images Update: Captions Added to Images

To add more context to image results, Google now displays images with caption in mobile images search results.

Google keeps on improving its Image search results – last year they added “Related Search Boxes” and removal of view image and search by Image tab buttons earlier this month.

Recently, Google image results now come with captions for each images. This rollout is global and available for mobile search results – for both Android and iOS platforms.

Caption displayed with an image is pulled from the title of the page where the image features.

Check out the Image below:

Google images with caption

Google Announcement on

People around the world use Google Images to find visual information online. Whether you’re searching for ideas for your next baking project, how to tie shoelaces so they stay put, or tips on the proper form for doing a plank, scanning image results can be much more helpful than scanning text. Today, we’re sharing more about new changes to Google Images to provide even better visual discovery with more context on the image results page.

By adding more context around images, results can become much more useful. Last year we started showing badges (like “recipe” or “product”) on certain results to aid in the discovery process. Since then, we’ve also added the website’s domain URL for each result to show you where the image is coming from.

This week we’re adding captions to image results, showing you the title of the web page where each image is published. This extra piece of information gives you  more context so you can easily find out what the image is about and whether the website would contain more relevant content for your needs. Here’s how it looks:

In this example, the image results give you visual confirmation that you found the right fruit, but captions make results instantly more useful with additional context. For instance, you can learn that this fruit is called carambola or starfruit, and that it’s popular in China. This also helps you choose the result page to click and explore further.

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